The Coburn Woods Homeowner Association

About the Community

While the city of Nashua still sees the community as a detached condo association, the governing docs were changed in 2011 from a condo association to an HOA. 


​​A distinguishing feature of the property is the unspoiled wooded terrain where homes are sited to take advantage of the natural surrounding. All homes are located in clusters (see map) with a mixture of oak, birch and pine trees surrounding each unit.

Undisturbed wooded areas connect all the clusters. These common property areas serve as natural buffers between developed areas.

What is Common Property?
Common Property is comprised of all of the space that is not immediately adjacent to a home. This includes all ponds, woods, tennis courts, and pools. This land is protected for the benefit of the whole community for today and for the future.

What are the Association Fees?

There are 220 units which pay a range of association fees. The monthly fees were originally calculated based on the size of the unit and have adjusted over time as homeowners increase the size of their home, expand their deck, build a patio, etc. - Anything that privatizes some of the common land. 

Owners are responsible for taking care of all their own home repairs and maintenance, both interior and exterior. Maintenance of gardens, flowers, or other specialty plants around each of the homes is also the responsibility of the homeowner, with certain restrictions to planting & removal.

Our Association fees go to taking care of:
  • Management fees    • All common area upkeep     • Land lease/insurance     • Trash removal

  • Recycling pick-up    • Maintenance of all amenities     • Snow plowing     • Equipment costs


Community Features


Earth Friendly

People Friendly

Earth Friendly

Coburn Woods has a successful weekly recycling program with a very high resident participation rate.


Pet Friendly

People Friendly

Earth Friendly

All normal indoor household pets are welcome in "The Woods." Leashes are required when walking dogs.


People Friendly

People Friendly

People Friendly

Get to know your neighbors and enjoy nature together!

The 2020 Coburn Woods

Board of Directors

  • Rachel Jackson - President
  • Rob Green - Treasurer
  • Trudy Yelton - Clerk
  • Chris Potzner
  • Joan Huot
  • Kathi Fogal
  • Jonathan Scarborough

Owners are welcome to attend the monthly open board meeting.